A lovely, sunny, cold morning Amsterdam photoshoot by your Amsterdam photographer in February. If you have lived in Amsterdam for as long as I did, you’d definitely have a handful of favourite spots..and as an Amsterdam photographer, I sure have mine. Rijksmuseum has been my favourite by tbh, I have never shot at it this early in the morning as we did for this shoot. Linn & Axel (CUTE COUPLE ALERT!!!!) were up and ready by 9am on a cold winter morning in February. I must say they really braved the cold while I snuggled up on my winter coats..
We chose Rijksmuseum and the surroundings as our spot for this photoshoot and styled the couples outfits to compliment the colors of the mighty Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam..
We are absolutely in love with what we created and definitely inspired to create more such beautiful images and movements 🙂 I have made a reel on Instagram with “movement vs the pictures”.. check out my instagram reel to get inspired for your photoshoot.
Check it out and let me know what you think..
For your own Amsterdam photoshoot by Amsterdam photographer 😉 Get in touch here and let’s get to the planning!!

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